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Dear Friends,
this webite has been created to satisfy the curiosity of

everyone that

lover the filming of spearfishing actions and everything

that relates to our beloved underwater world.

From some years I have been experimenting in filming my

spearfishing actions, but since last year I have been able to

purchase some

equipment that allows the creation of some good

quality clips

that I have now placed on-line to let everyone enjoy

my undewater experiences.


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 Video Equipment

new photos equipment 16 october 2007

How to cook our fishes?

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All the movies have been realized by an amateour (me) for

amateurs with non professional equipment and software, and

with no other aim except the one to bring fun and excitemt to all

of you.

I will be happy to publish on my website any one of your videos.

If you are interested please e-mail them to me to:



upload them to ant video-sharing website from where I can

download them.

Have fun!!!





Reportage Photo (Marco Blangero)

Test Mr carbon C4 Spearguns